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we explain consumer markets


Understand consumer behaviour

Uncover a deep understanding of the development of consumer behaviour over multi year time frames online and offline. Understand affinities for products and services. Cluster consumers into (micro) personas, conduct peer group comparisons and receive actionable insights.


Get in depth insights into the competitive landscape

Get in depth insights into your competitors. Benchmark performances and anticipate future business opportunities.


Understand market developments and macro trends

Become aware of market developments instantly. Be able to immediately act on opportunities or mitigate risks.

What We Do

Iceflower is an insight company that explains consumer markets. We do this by using the most reliable data and presenting the resulting insights in an understandable, industry specific and actionable way. We give companies from various industries a deep understanding.


We rethink the preparation, analytics and presentation of data per industry. We enable better data-driven business decisions.


In retail we reveal blind spots in offerings by observing buying patterns at competitors.


We explain telcos where customers go when they churn.


Insurance companies can learn which partners to choose for marketing campaigns.


Companies get a better customer understanding and can measure campaign performance, on- and offline.

Further Industries

We also enable others to make more informed decisions.

Meet the Founders

Our team consists of proven data entrepreneurs and experts. The founders Benedikt Ernst and Simon Kröger have complementary business and tech backgrounds, extensive expertise in founding and running comparable data companies as well as a deep industry network and knowledge.

Co – Founder

Benedikt Ernst

Co – Founder

Simon Kröger
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